Life ka Funda -I

Satisfaction = Performance – Expectations.

Fact: Life is all about managing expectations.


I am very ordinary. I hate the mediocrity surrounding my ordinariness. For the first time, I wish I was not ordinary and was someone special.

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Very uncommon common sense

My better half says, there are always more than one sides to a coin. There is much more to what meets our eyes, n flits into our ears.

We are usually bereft of such common sense.

Wise, very wise.

First Assumptions

The first time you see me, assume that I am mature. It just makes things much more easier. It gives you a lot more credibility n respect with me.

‘I’ is metaphorical. Repeat this with everyone you come across, you will gain respect and credibility from everyone. That is the way we should be dealing with people, no matter who they are. The moment you assume a person is mature, you bring honesty into the interaction. The most basic and most significant lineament of a relationship or interaction.

Usually, it is the other way round. We associate piffling relevance to the other person’s maturity. We undertake to be either condescending or subversive to people. It is just not the right approach.

I have been guilty of upstaging my rationale and stoop to doing things I precisely advocated above.

I am conscientiously trying to change the way I make assumptions about others.

Here’s to Maturity and Honesty. May they grow and spread their charm all around.

Hick.. Hicckkkk…

Yesterday seems so far

Walked into work today, booted the comp, started firefox, typed in the much stalked blog URLs–only to find myself inert to the content. Only a day ago I was lapping up all the content in its entirety. It all seems so distant. I am no longer attuned to the much favored individuals words that had, not so long ago, plied my morning surfing habits.

Thank u all for the  wonderful reads.  You join my deadpool.


There is more to me than what I see in me. I can feel it. I need some situations now to make me see for what the real me is.

Some things will change from tomorrow. Some due to divine intervention, some from my strong conviction. Lets see how the changes will be.

Now that I have been posting in a semi-sleep mode, in true project management style, will take a step back tomorrow n decide if I made any sense; n if I did, have to find how I made sense which does not come easily to me.

Tipping Point

Reading Tipping Point. A good read. Good insights into what triggers a trend, epidemic, or a phenomenon.

 Set me thinking. Everything does have a tipping point. The numbers are everywhere for everyone to see.

Realise even our emotions have a tipping point. The tipping point is a point-of-no-return. Once I am past a particular emotion, it no longer bothers me. I do not even care.

But, what is it in me that wants me to hang on to the shreds of the emotions that are past the point-of-no-return? Is it based on the effort n soul I have put into that emotion.

 Now, the previous sentence sets me thinking more–do we use our emotions to varies degrees or the same degree? When I mean degree, I mean the extent to which we feel a particular emotion, the frequency with which we experience that emotion, the extent to which we inhibit or exbhibit that emotion. If so, what is the emotion that I feel the most? Irritation, Anger, Love, Passion, Humaneness, Jealousy, Envy, Sympathy?


Good bye O clumsiness!

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